"Gays don't have a soul"

There's a lot of discussions about "internalized homophobia" going on here. Talk about racism, prejudice, religion, and all that's on your mind. Now you have a new place to gab.

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"Gays don't have a soul"

Postby nimby » Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:22 pm

I saw this on another discussion board and thought it'd be fun to try, till I read the last line. It really shocked me, then upset me, then finally angered me terribly. Please feel free to contact him with your personal comments. I did and I'll be passing this crap around like wild. I'm going to post it on every LGBTQ discussion board I am on. I say attack!!!!! This BS has got to stop.


"IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOUR SOUL MATE IS BORN --- all I need is your birthday

My name is Gary the Numbers guy. I am a somewhat famous Numerologist / Astrologer
from Cleveland Ohio.
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Here is the deal , I can't tell you how to find your soul mate , but i can tell you when they were born .

All I need is your birthday

p.s. if you are Gay I CAN"T help you ,because you have to have a soul for it to work "
"Why do we have asteroids in the hemisphere and hemmorroids in the a$$ ? "
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Re: "Gays don't have a soul"

Postby Ashpenaz » Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:29 pm

Wow! A fundamentalist astrologer. Who knew? :o
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