Outrage Movie

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Outrage Movie

Postby selective_soldier » Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:26 pm

This movie/can be politically biased, in some aspects, yet it takes a pot shot at politicians who energize against gay progression, yet are closeted.

Even though I’m not out publically, I could not fathom going through this much energy & effort to denigrate someone/or thing I’m a part of.

But, I’m not in their shoes & I would like to think they go through so much hell trying to conceal their identity. Some of the Politicians were sobbing through some of their interviews.

“Outrage claims that several politicians who vote “anti-gay” on political issues are actually gay themselves, and have had verifiable trysts with men. The documentary contains interviews with men who claim to have had sex with these “anti-gay” politicians. Charlie Crist, Mark Foley , Ed Koch if You can imagine it.


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