Medical Procedures

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Medical Procedures

Postby olywaguy » Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:56 pm

Well, this thread was created so you can share your medical experiences with others.

I just had my first and (I hope) only surgery as an adult. Due to some medical issues (mainly an infection), I had to have a circumcision this past Friday. I am on my fourth day of post-op.

For the first couple of days, I was bandaged up (yes, I could still urinate). I was glad to take it off after two days. Now, I still have some soreness (for which I am taking generic vicodin) and antibiotics. They gave me medication for nausea but haven't had to use it.

At the moment, I am walking around like a bowed-legged cowboy. It is going to take some time to get used to a cut penis. At the moment, I am feeling deformed and mutilated but I imagine that will change in time.

Boy, I barely felt the time go by. The anesthesiologist put me to sleep and the next thing I know I am in post-op. What a full sound sleep that was. Apparently, the whole thing took 45 minutes (was told it would take about 20 minutes)

Tending to my needs were two nurses, the anesthesiologist, the surgeon and his intern. That's a lot of people looking after me. Every time one of them introduced themselves to me, they would ask me for my name and my birthdate.

I barely remember how the surgeon was telling me how it all went well and how he was able to get rid of the infection.

Though, I know this had to be done, I am mourning the loss of foreskin. We were together for 48 years and I am going to miss it. Turns out that both my dad and older brother had to go through this as well so, I am not alone but nonetheless, I will miss that piece of skin on me.

I am going to miss the sensitivity I felt while pleasuring myself or others. Looks like this is going to change a lot of things for me...don't know if it will be for the better or the worse.

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Re: Medical Procedures

Postby DeckApe » Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:48 pm

Carlos, I am very sorry to hear about this. I was circumcised at birth and have the (marginal) advantage of not knowing what I'm missing (literally and figuratively).
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