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Gadgets & Gizmos & Geezing

Postby Guinness Fan » Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:12 pm

I'm in my 40's - good job - professional, white collar...Lived all over the world and travel frequently...Consider myself well grounded & in tune with the world & what's going on locally, domestically & internationally. However, as technology advances, I find myself becoming more & more anti-technology. Rather hard to explain, but;

I don't have a microwave oven; had one once, rarely used it...things just taste better heated in a "real" oven.

I have a 1940's rotary phone that I picked up while living in the UK...Works GREAT even with today's communications technology infrastructure ~ heavy, but classic looks & actually "feels" like a phone...I had to get a push phone as a secondary as I couldn't "press 1 for English"...

I like music, but would never consider plugging myself in to one of those digital ipod things...I see people wired to the the contraptions all the time ~ completely oblivious to their surroundings...

Blackberry; Seems that everyone is carrying one nowadays ~ for both work and private communications ~ I've refused... I carry a cell phone because of my job & have told my bosses and my staff that if you need me, call me and lets TALK...Verbal communication is becomming a thing of the past...I do have e-mail and use it daily, but if I'm out of the office on a trip, I put my "out of office" message on telling the originator that I'll reply to their e-mail upon my return...but if the matter URGENT, please call my mobile # or contact one of my staff...You'd be surprised at the low number of actual phone calls I get... I tell my bosses that part of my job is to train & mentor my staff to act & answer for me while I'm away ~ reach out to them first if I'm not around ~ if they don't get what they need, CALL me...

Kindle Digital Books; I'm seeing more and more of them......ABSOLUTELY no way I'd even consider owning one of the things......I'm an avid reader & can state unequivocally that nothing beats the feel and "read" of a "real" book...Turning the pages, flipping back to a specific passage, looking at the index or the photographs in a "real" book is something that can't be digitalized.

Facebook & the like....I suppose it's a nice way to keep in touch, but do I really care that you're on the way to get a haircut or that the dentist has to pull your wisdom teeth?

E-mail; I use it every day and find myself and my day being driven by it...If you're going to send me an e-mail, use proper English and if work related, don't make it informal. If it's important enough to send, use spell check, don't "reply all"...and don't rush from your office or call me to tell me "I just sent you an e-mail"...

"Reality TV" ~ I'll save that for another rant...along with my views on chocolate-rasberry flavored coffee.................

Re-reading the above makes me sound like a real curmudgeon or luddite ~ I'm really not...Just ranting & wondering how the rest of you guys are handling the ever increasing amount of technology in our lives....
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Re: Gadgets & Gizmos & Geezing

Postby nimby » Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:41 pm

It's ok, I've been called a luddite for my lack of tech. skills too. Don't worry. I understand. :)
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Re: Gadgets & Gizmos & Geezing

Postby Earl Butz » Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:57 am

Yeah I would agree on everything you said except Facebook and microwave ovens. I use the microwave every day; the regular oven maybe once a month. Facebook is overrated, but a fun way to waste time. My brother loves his Ipod, but I've never owned one. They seem to be an improvement over the Sony walkman....lighter and much more versatile.
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