Can you change the gay voice?

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Postby Frostbite88 » Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:59 am

So is there a definite way to change your voice? I surround myself with straight people and I've been told multiple times that people can't tell that I am gay until they hear me talk. I can't hear the "gay" at all when I talk and when I listened to myself on tape a couple weeks ago I was mortified. It's really frustrating.
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Postby dracuscalico » Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:52 am

Accents are no accident

Yes, just get a vocal coach/speech pathologist. All you have to do is change a few things to get rid of the gay accent. It's an affectation like valley girl talk that is easily corrected, but you DO need to be mindful of the people you hang around who might have influenced you to sound the way you do now. You could have gay friends you talk to on the phone who use certain tonalities that have rubbed off on you. .

Someone could make a fortune helping gay guys "straighten" out their lives, but of course they would be demonized for exposing how much of the gay lifestyle is actually choice and not 'innate", which throws a HUGE monkey wrench in the gay political agenda. There would be a lot of peer pressure for gays not to "sellout" by conforming to straight norms. But the truth is, if gays DID behave themselves, it would be a slam dunk to get gay marriage rights. because they would be demonstrating through their ACTIONS that the only difference between them and straight people is who they love. Of course THAT will never happen. They are having too much fun with their over the top behavior.

The gay community is so self sabotaging that FALCON STUDIOS just released a new porn called Wedding Day 2, that is all about the day of the wedding between 2 guys, they have sex with the caterers, and the wedding planners and any male staff setting up the wedding and call the wedding off and break up. TO RELEASE A FILM LIKE THIS, RIGHT NOW WHEN GAY MARRIAGE IS A HOT ISSUE UP FOR THE VOTE IS COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE.

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Postby Pazuzu P. Sasquatch » Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:03 am

Personally, I think some guys, both straight and gay, are naturally effeminate. But I've also seen gay guys who "pass" until they get around other gays, at which point the voice goes up four octaves and the wrists start a-flippin. The nelliness doesn't bother me, but the phoniness does.

I'm no big fan of the "gay establishment," frankly. As I've commented before, the only thing that chaps my ass more than dumbass homophobic straights are gays who want to tell me how to be gay. Offender #1: groups like GLAAD, who cream all over themselves over every "Will and Grace" or "Queer Eye" that the oh-so-brave-and-daring television programmers foist on the masses. . . . Yeah. Break out the blackface, Sambo!
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Voice training

Postby Learning » Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:23 pm

What is stereotypically considered a gay voice can come from several things: high pitch, nasal resonance, lack of breath support, overly emphasized "s" sounds, and brassy tone.

The voice can be lowered by relaxation. Nasal resonance can be reduced by opening the back of the throat. Lack of breath support comes with taking a full breath and only speaking with the air. Reducing "s" sounds requires reduced pressure from the tongue when making the "s" sound. The brassy tone goes away when the larynx is moved lower toward the chest. In general, voices can be helped by relaxation, good mood, balanced movement of the head and body, and full breathing.

Moods of disgust, depression, frustration, and fear can all appear in the voice and contribute to unpleasant tone. Because voice is tied so much to how a person feels, changing the voice longterm may require careful thinking about a person's core beliefs concerning the self and the social world.

For practice or testing, using recording equipment can give some idea of what a voice sounds like, but it's easier to find a corner with some solid surfaces and speak loudly enough to hear the echo.

Habits of vocal movement can be changed. Actors and singers change regularly. Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall has distinct voices for his female characters, gay characters, and straight characters.

Roger Love's program Vocal Power has many valuable strategies for anyone wanting to speak with more confidence and authority.
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Hard to describe in e-mail

Postby Learning » Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:30 pm

The comments about changing "s" sounds might be misleading. To increase a sibilant "s" sound does take more pressure specifically at the tip of the tongue. Reducing the whistling "s" sound can come from forming the "s" sound farther back toward the center of the tongue and relaxing the tip.
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