What to do about "Sissyphobia"

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Re: What to do about "Sissyphobia"

Postby Learning » Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:11 pm

exairman wrote:Some might say that sissyphobia is the root of homophobia...The idea is that a man should be strong and dominant at all times, submission is not manly in this school of thought... Even if you think this is wrong it is heavily socialized into us at a young age...And the root of sissyphobia is most likely sexism, since women are inferior, obviously taking on their mannerisms makes you inferior.

You've covered the key points, Exairman. Christianity seems to have played a part in developing not only concern about gay sex but also concern about effeminacy. What benefits could there be in getting over that conditioning to think of submissiveness and actions common to women as inferior? What are some other ways to think of the dominant-submissive, male-female issues?
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