Posting pictures online when looking to hook up or date

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Posting pictures online when looking to hook up or date

Postby michaelangelo123 » Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:52 am

Hey guy,

I live in a medium suburban sized town. I am discreet about my sexuality. I use internet hook us sites like Plenty of Fish, Squirt, Craigslist, etc.. I make it a policy of never posting my pictures on the net. I also never send my pictures via email. I don't even have a naked selfie to send to anyone if I had a change of heart. My policy is that I must meet you at a public place first, then if I trust you then I can share pictures. I mean what if you send pics and the person on the other side is unstable or just plain malicious. They can send your pictures all around and people will ID you. I'm a black guy in a very white, non-ethnic part of town so even if I just send a picture of my cock and balls, I figure people will guess who it is.

What I find strange, even outrageous at times is the expectation that I must provide a picture. Many who post on these sites will say explicitly, if you don't send a picture with the first email, then forget about it. Some will right before deciding a place to meet publicly will insist on seeing a picture first. I mean this is even before meeting in public.

The way I play it, better to meet in public, if the vibes are there then we continue. If not, politely call it a day. Why limit myself to just judging somebody by a picture. Some people may not be visually appealing in a photo but if you meet them, you get a much better sense. Again, I want to reiterate, I also don't feel comfortable releasing my picture to people I haven't met before.

What do you guys think? Am I being too hard line on this?
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Re: Posting pictures online when looking to hook up or date

Postby olywaguy » Sun Aug 31, 2014 6:54 pm

This is weird, I was clicking at several forums. When I clicked on this one, it tells me that I have two threads to approve. The one above which was originally dated January 2014 and another one dated October 2013.

I don't remember seeing these posts before and yet they suddenly pop in. So forgive for the tardiness.

The one from October 2013 were from a couple of researchers from the University of Missouri. I take it their research is done with so I will not approve it unless you are curious about it and want to discuss the topic.

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