Need str8 acting/gay guys advice on a Youtube video

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Need str8 acting/gay guys advice on a Youtube video

Postby Wee-Cat 1993 » Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:35 pm

Hi guys, I'm not going to make this a huge bible, I'm gonna keep it short and sweet, I'm gay, about 7 or 8 people know, at the start of my teen years i was bullied because i didn't fit in and people obviously perceived me to be gay / different. I've spent a good 9-10 years of my life gaining a new life, actually became super well known, got a great bunch of friends, moved in and out of circles, got a name for all the wrong reasons, was labelled a druggie, and mental and I was off the rails to be fair, lost so many friends because of my behaviors and actions, i didn't care because if i'm being honest i really just get swayed by the "Other Crowd" the crowd that is full of danger and excitement etc.

You see i've lived life on the edge, i've wised up now, don't need to act any particular way to please any crowds or show off to people i just can generally be myself, off duty lol. which is good. im 21 now and i'm about to upload a getting fit video on youtube. I want this video to be both a realistic video and a humorous one, i've got lots of jokes that i've planned for it, what i'm basically trying to ask you, is there any tips that you can give me that will let me know how to be confident in the video, and to not come across as too gay or camp? i've already been told from previous ones that i've seemed a bit camp, and so ive done things like not use as much hand movements etc, speak deeper etc. Thing is, i am eccentric by nature,
I want to appear straight, and approachable, i don't want people thinking "he's gay i couldn't be seen with him" after watching the video, i actually want people to say, he's cool i want to hang around with him. I'm going to make sure i lay out the main points of the video before i add in the jokes, so the raw basics of my workout regime then little in jokes Any advice??
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