Guys experimenting: how common is it really?

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Guys experimenting: how common is it really?

Postby Fred13 » Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:02 am

Guys of all orientations "experimenting"" Exactly how common do you guys think it is?
Hello, I've been lurking this site for a while now and I finally decided to make a profile. Since being on this site and reading the comments I've often been wondering after the topic of guys "experimenting" homosexually without actually being gay. Women get away with it in this society and from I could see are thought of as the only gender who does experiment. But since browsing this site and seeing some comments I've wondered if that's actually true...and so on to my question.

I read in Kinsey that about 40% of guys had a same-sex experience before while for women it was only 20%. I think now the numbers for women are higher while for men iit's around the same since society hasn't tolerated it any better. We never hear about it though. But on here, gay guys are always sayig how many "straight' guys they've been with so I'm wondering which gender really experimenents more. So do you guys think guys experiment with homosexuality even moreso than girls or even more than girls, but NEVER ever tell anyone about it?

I'm curious as to what gay or bi guys think about this topic.
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Re: Guys experimenting: how common is it really?

Postby olywaguy » Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:36 pm

I really hate it when so called "straight"guys post an ad on craigslist or wherever saying they want to have sex with another guy but still refer to themselves as straight. These guys are anything but straight. They are at least bisexual if not gay.

I guess, it is very hard for them to admit that to themselves fearing that it could be the worst thing that could ever happen to them in their lives. They worry about what other people may think, etc. even in 2013 when there seems to be a lot more acceptance among younger people.

Yes, there are some of us that live out in the boondocks who still have to contend with such narrow-minded people especially in a very small town where everyone knows your business or will know it soon.

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Re: Guys experimenting: how common is it really?

Postby nimby » Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:18 pm

I think there are lots of bi curious straight guys. Apparently it's a top three fantasy for straights. And no, I don't think that if a straight guy wants to try it out, he has to be labeled bi or gay. Let him try it out a couple of times and if he doesn't like it, so be it. But if he's been bi curious for, oh, lets say, 5 years and dozens of experiences, well, no, he ain't curious no more.
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Re: Guys experimenting: how common is it really?

Postby Wee-Cat 1993 » Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:23 pm

Very good topic to start a convo about!

It baffles me, hearing about super straight guys having sexual flings with other guys when they spend so much time maintaing their "straight" reputation and ego. they seem 2 be ones who are mad into sport and keeping fit and manly-ness, which is exactly the kind of guy i'd go for personally, but i've yet to get into a big friendship with a super straight acting guy for whichever reason, it just hasn't happened to me yet.

there was 1 guy who was quite straight acting, but i've chatted to him on a number of occasions, I poked him on Facebook and he poked him back and went are you poking me?! and he was like "Just returning the poke ;) " then i went "sorry couldn't help myself" and he went "it's okay your only human ;) " then like 2 weeks later i checked this special little feature my friend stumbled upon that allows you to view who has last been on your Facebook page, and funny enough that guy was regularly on my page, it was like "yes caught in the act" kind of thing, i felt such a self esteem boost & thought I'm so getting laid! haha, He sent me a message on FB saying "alright Playboy send me Your number and text me" so i did and he was like do u wanna go out for a drink? and i couldn't because I had college, so that didn't happen, but then, he crushed my dreams when i saw " GuyX- is in a relationship with - BitchX " and he stopped talking to me for a wee while. I text him over christmas saying happy christmas big shot (which is the wee play name i use 4 him) and he returned Happy christmas Playboy! (Which is the play name he uses for me) he has also texted me a few over times over the past 2 weeks, 1st time was he was trying to get me to hook him up with some Cannabis, then last week he wanted me to try and get him coke. Now he knows i do all that, and ideally, i'd love to sit wiped out of my head with him, so i don't know if he's trying to find a way or setting where we can be together?? - this kind of thing has happened too many times in my life. He's going to Australia now to some business his uncle works in, it's like Welding or something.. I've decided im not going 2 persue it. I'm in terrible shape at the moment, and need to loose serious weight. do u think im making the right choice? work on blocking all external forces and distractions and spend every day to improve my health, loose weight maintain my diet, focus on my school work, and see how i am in 4-6 months??? i could find that i'm way more confident by that stage and who knows he could come home for holidays and i could meet up with him when I'm in my Prime??

:) thanks 4 reading. I think there is TONNES OF GUYS who experiment, but they stay in deep shame and disgrace over it, while others don't care. even i still feel feelings of shame and guilt etc, YES im trying to let it all go but that takes time and dedication, it's really down to your circumstances and life experience. One person could get bullied and hate being gay, another guy could be in the shower after a Soccer match and get lucky with a guy in the team who appreciated his effort in the game! it just depends! wish there was a kind of way to see through people other than body language :|
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