What is your reaction to this article?

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What is your reaction to this article?

Postby Tom » Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:50 am

This is a topic that needs to be seriously considered but I request all of you to be cool, patient and give your views in a calm manner. There is nothing to get angry, nothing to get hot over but everything to learn and discuss with a cool brain.
For a few years I guess, there is some anonymous person under the label of "Natural Masculinity" who has been visiting many internet sites and propagating some interesting concepts on men and masculinity and how the sexual orientation system created in the western world is sham and bogus due to its dividing males on the basis of sexuality. He also surprisingly claims that almost all men (except probably a 10-20% or so....) have both emotional as well as sexual need for men and that, most men would never want to acknowledge these feelings due to not only religious stigmas, but more so due to the stigmatization of the identity "gay" being an effeminate or unmanly quality, associated in erstwhile societies with the "third sex" or transgendered males attracted to men. He therefore believes firmly that the ones who come out as gay and are comfortable in a "gay" identity, that is separate from an identity of mainstream masculine men, are either feminine males who already consider themselves different from men, or men who have somehow escaped the socialization process of manhood to have never really been "one of the men".
He he has given such views in this very site as well some time back, you may refer to his posts below.

http://www.straightacting.net/phpbb3/vi ... =1&t=14951

My ultimate question is: Even if we don't know whether he is right or wrong, how do you really interpret his information that straight men may also have emotional and sexual needs for men? If almost a majority of men like men, do we at all need a separate category for our sexual needs (in whatever form they are)?
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Re: What is your reaction to this article?

Postby Earl Butz » Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:26 am

Did the "western world" create a "sexual orientation system"? I'm not a history major, but I would dispute that.

I would agree men have emotional needs for other men. Gay or straight.
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Re: What is your reaction to this article?

Postby nimby » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:10 pm

I agree with that position, that most men, gay or straight, have emotional and quite possibly sexual needs for other men. Men need other men, plain and simple. I have stated all along that if, say, 5% is exclusively gay, then about 5% would be exclusively straight and the remainder would fall somewhere in between. It's the balance of nature. But my views were never very popular. :shock:
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Re: What is your reaction to this article?

Postby Odeh » Sat May 05, 2012 6:18 pm

I agree with about 75% of the article..it is similar to Kinsey which i agree with...sexual labels are not so cut and dried and in the Western World male physical contact is a taboo
In India men hold and touch each other as is common in many non western counties...guys who are best friends can hold hands in public..but in America males are obsessed on
what might be gay..
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Re: What is your reaction to this article?

Postby qwertz » Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:28 am

I agree.

Societally M2M attraction can as well be considered as masculine and M2F attraction as feminine, which I consider it to be.

Men's need for men is obvious. You only need to watch sports (M2M porn for the str8 male).
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