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Postby buccoman » Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:12 am

Okay, folks, just wondering about this as it relates to so-called "straight acting" guys. People are always saying, "he gets my gaydar going," when referring to someone they've seen, or know, who they think is gay. I just haven't been able to develop any gaydar at all, unless someone has got some steretypical gay characteristics. So my question is: (and I am sure it's been asled before on here) what sets off your gaydar as regards otherwise straightacting guys?
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Re: "Gaydar"

Postby butch » Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:07 pm

I have really good gaydar but it's not easy to define the tricks to reaching that level.
It's an instinct that comes with time after you have "come out".

It requires experience in the world, and having been around quite a few gay men (or women... whom I'm not so good at identifying unless they have 50 inch waists, short hair, and wear manly clothing).

It requires having been around a lot of straight guys too... so you have some comparisons. If you hang out with a small group of people and haven't much experience with the public at large, it is harder to have good gaydar because you haven't got a reliable "control" type with whom to compare "types".

As shy as I have been in my youth, and as reclusive as I am now, I have had the advantage of 8 years part and full time in the military... lots of straight guys with whom I lived and worked. I've spent a lot of time in retail and sales... met tons of "types" of people. I've been quite promiscuous and had sexual relations with a lot of straight and gay guys. Remember this... men like sex. A straight guy won't turn down sex if it doesn't involve them too much, no one will ever know but them and, preferably, they will never see you again (think BJ).

Personally, I'm more attracted to straight guys, so if someone seems overtly gay, it is a turn off.

Red Flags:
Tight clothing if dressed in fashionable wear.
Overly expressive... showing emotions readily.
Designer clothing worn properly... not in excess.
Well mannered
They smile at you when you look their way.

Screaming gay:
Military clothing without short hair to match.
Leather wear, particularly chaps and vests... but no motorcycle in site.
Hankerchief in a back pocket.
Eyeliner use
Biker wear that is 30 years out of date.
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Re: "Gaydar"

Postby nimby » Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:07 pm

for me it's eye contact. The eyes know.
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Re: "Gaydar"

Postby Phoenix6570 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:21 pm

I always smile at people... I must be setting off gaydar all over the place!
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