Aren't gays really just "she-males" anyway?

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Aren't gays really just "she-males" anyway?

Postby Desperate » Sat May 23, 2009 11:19 pm

Here's proof in this quote that, in today's modern society, the word "gay" is really translated into meaning "feminine and/or effeminate".

Odeh wrote:I noticed an interesting pattern in American newspapers:...In the personal
ad sections...they have Male seeking Female,Female seeking Male,Male
seeking Male,Female seeking Female..

Now only in the Male seeking Male sections does gender come up among the
males..they are either describing themselves as masculine or feminine..or
seeking someone also seems every male is looking for a
masculine male...very few seem to be looking for queens...even though
few masculine guys like "she males"...

In the other sections you don't hear men saying Iam looking for a feminine
female..or a woman saying Iam looking for a masculine man or even a
woman looking for a masculine or feminine woman...

It is only in the male seeking male sections of mainstream newspapers
or gay male newspapers that gender comes up..

All of your other fellow fairies seem to know what "gay" is.
When will you marys get with the program?

Also, you fags are further executing your plans for suicide just by asking for someone masculine. There are guys out there lurking and waiting to make examples out of talking punchbags like you. It would be easier just to simply let AIDS take care you rather than wasting some (masculine)* guy's time.

P.S. Why do you lollipop suckers always got to use the word "masculine" all the time? I think that word you're looking for is straight, heterosexual, normal, regular, etc...

What's wrong with the men on your team? Oops, I'm sorry. I forgot! You and the rest of the faggot population are transitioning or have already transitioned from being male to she-male. Long live the fruity-in-the-booty queens. AIDS, please bless these dick-in-the-booty queens for me!

*I shouldn't even have to say "masculine"! What other type of guy is there?
Being gay means being feminine!
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Postby Cachasa » Sun May 24, 2009 3:14 am

This post is just more hateful homophobic and transphobic crap from the self-hating, transphobic homophobe... :roll:

You're such a joke and you keep embarrassing yourself with these hateful posts.

Just accept yourself and other gay men and trasfolk you will be a much happier person.

What is it about "masculine" gay men and masculinity in general that makes you so angry? :?

Those who are insecure about their own identites are often the ones who lash out at others the most ya know...
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Postby Earl Butz » Sun May 24, 2009 5:29 am

Oooh now I'm so angry.... :roll:

She-males are men with boobs

I'm attracted to cute guys, actually. Overly masculine is a turn off to me.

I would attack the other things you said but it's all so moronic it's illogical. I can see why you're desperate. A sad homo railing at the world from your closet. Get some balls and come out, bud. It's alot sunnier out here. Or better yet f.o. and don't come back...
A hard man is good to find!
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Power of Stereotypes

Postby Learning » Sun May 24, 2009 6:48 am

Desperate's post shows the power of stereotypes. Stereotypes encourage people to ignore evidence that contradicts the stereotype, and people who hold stereotypes put demands on the behavior of others.

The effeminate gay stereotype demands that gay people play a subordinate role and not exercise power. It's fortunate that some gay people resist the pressure.

Most board users have found new ways to think about the differences between communication style and sexual orientation. This youtube video called "Homosexuality is not effeminacy" shows another way to think about the issues:
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Postby furface » Sun May 24, 2009 1:12 pm

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