Straight friends

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Straight friends

Postby lazyrascal » Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:14 pm

I am assuming that many gay men on here have straight friends who don't know you are gay.

My question is, can anyone share an experience in which you questioned a "STRAIGHT" friends' sexual orientation?

I'll give an example:

My close friend Victor. I knew this guy since elementary school and anybody who knows Vic knows that he loves the P****y. Sometimes when we kick it, that is all he ever talks about. Story after story of the girl he met on the bus, the one he banged in the back seat of his cousins car, different positions he has put women in and so forth. Did I mention how much times he told me he made women scream due to the size of his monster you know what? I lost count.

Anywho, I'll never forget the incident that occurred one day after a long day of shooting hoops at the park. It was me, Victor, his cousin Robert (who is married now), and my another close (straight) bud, Ricardo. We all decided to sleep over at Vics house. At like 10p.m., Vic's cousin Robert did something I could never forget. We were all playing Play-station, when all of a sudden his cousin had a homosexual outburst! This guy literally started rubbing and grabbing victor all over his body moaning at the same time. Me and Ricardo started cracking up at first but then we were like WTF, because he didn't stop!!! Eventually, Victor grabbed his cousin by the arms and shouted at him, "not here! my friends are here you idiot!" But he didn't care!

We all eventually fell asleep it Vic's living room watching movies. Me and Ric slept on the floor in opposite directions. But Vic and his cousin slept almost together on the couch. Hmmm.

I was the first to wake up the next morning. Ricardo had his tongue hanging out his mouth as usual. Vic was wrapped around in his damn blanky on the couch. But his cousin Rob. OMG. He had his shirt on, but his sweats were pulled halfway down with his bottom showing and he had his thumb in his mouth. I swear if I had a camera I would of took a picture. I sorta got turned on because Rob a pair of lovely little lumps, but I only looked for a few seconds and went back to sleep. I didn't say anything in the morning, but I still wonder to this day what went on that night.
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Postby Odeh » Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:52 pm

There are masculine guys who like guys who do not move in the gay-space.

Some of these guys who are on a macho trip and are always bragging about
women may do this to throw people off as to what they really like..or they
actually could like both..

Basically, this sounds like guys on the down-low...because everyone is not
in the gay space everyone fronts like they like women to avoid being labeled
as "gay" using the Western meaning of the this social space..
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