Why do gays feel compelled to lie...?

Discussion on what it means to be straight acting, whether it's good, bad or indifferent.

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Postby masculinity » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:33 pm

nimby wrote:( well, until you set them loose in Ikea).

There is something called 'Natural masculinity', which we are born with.

And then various societies have created their own brand of social masculinity, which passes off for masculine traits (or feminine for social femininity). This social masculinity consists of lots of artificial roles and expectations that the society requires men to conform to in order to be socially considered 'men'. Heterosexuality is one such role in Western societies. But when you define 'manhood' (i.e. the straight identity) as heterosexual, then there is no scope left to question this social role.

Arts, feelings and poetry are not feminine traits. In fact, they are primarily masculine traits. From the ancient days of humans living in the wild, it were the men who made paintings on walls, and remember the beautiful masculine sculptor of the ancient Greek world, made by those masculine Greek men.

Women and Third Gender (feminine males/ gays) also do arts (though, I don't think they do much of poetry or expressing of deep feelings or philosophy), but feminine arts is primarily different from masculine arts.

So, a straight (i.e. masculine, not heterosexual) male may also excel at IKEA, but what he'd create would be masculine in character, unlike what gays will create.

In traditional societies, barbers, tailors, embroiderers, etc. were all men -- not the queers but masculine, macho males. And it were the macho masculine males who tended to men, not women or queers.

In the ancient and traditional world, men will not let women or queer touch them as far as tending to them was concerned. It would have been downright 'unmanly' thing to do. So, right from masseur to nurses for men, they were all men.

Queers could only tend to women. Ditto for women.

But, as I always say, the Western society is primarily a Queer society. Everything is topsy-turvy here -- including rules of manhood and Queerhood.

What women and Queer should be doing, men do, and the masculine things -- that are being done by the queers and women.

In the West, men are women, and women are men.
Gays are a different species altogether from men (and women). They're not "men who like men," they are "third gender who like men."

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Postby furface » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:51 pm

masculinity wrote:I have seen the gay community...

And recognized/characterized it much as one of the blind men examining an elephant. You are fixated on the GAY segment and ignored the more subtle, and I believe more wide spread, 'gay' segment of the community. It's akin to the difference tween Democratic and democratic; Republican and republican. Republicans can, and do, have democratic policies, for example.

And continued
masculinity wrote:try inviting the gays for a bout of sports and see how many turn up...

You are obviously unaware of the existence of gay football (both varieties), rugby, basketball, etc. teams and leagues around the world. One could rephrase your question and have a similar result - try inviting the Hindus for a bout of rodeo and see how many show up...

And continued
masculinity wrote:I mean you have all those millions of masculine males determined to fight off their sexuality for men to the death, only to avoid the gay identity deprived of manhood and honour. Are you saying, their fears are illogical? That you did not have to sacrifice your social manhood for this space to be sexual with men? That your masculinity did not feel suffocated, and that it got the space to develop?

Your recurring contention that all men have a sexual need for other men is, I believe, spurious. You have taken the fact that we, as a species, are social and tactile and twisted that normal inclination into something essentially sexual; apparently to bolster some need in your peculiar world view.

It is absolutely possible and normal for men to be intimate, physically and emotionally, in a relationship no more sexual than the one you have with your sofa table.

masculinity wrote: Have you ever related with these masculine males and their pain, trials and tribulations, as a masculine male?

Are you first a masculine male or a gay male?

Related, emphatically yes; but not within your definition of universal sexual need. That curious predilection is completely alien to me.

First, I am an individual. Period. I am also male, masculine, and gay (note the lower case). I have no need to emphasize individual facets of my persona/personality.

And finally
masculinity wrote:Isn't the 'homosexual' identity a pigeonhole? And one which has no place for real masculinity?

Why do gays force the identity on others as the only socially sanctioned spaces to fulfill their needs for intimacy with men?

You gratuitously assume I don 'homosexual' as an identity rather than an adjective and that in the real world (as I experience it) it is not mutually exclusive with masculinity.

As to "forc(ing) the identity on others"; likely for the same reason there is a Pakistan, or the Taliban, or political correctness, or your 'campaign; because they/you believe it's right. But widely held, even fervently embraced, ideas are not always true, right, moral or ethical. Consider the Catholic view for centuries of an Earth-centric solar system, the system of slavery, ultra national and/or ethnic identity, or racism.

You come across as a troll, a zealot, and a bore.

Y'all have a nice day.
"Do not ascribe malice to that which can be reasonably explained by ignorance ... or incompetence."
Isaac Asimov
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Postby foxeyes2 » Mon Jan 05, 2009 1:19 pm

^ Word!
We are all one tribe. We are all one people.
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Postby nimby » Mon Jan 05, 2009 1:49 pm

furface wrote:It is absolutely possible and normal for men to be intimate, physically and emotionally, in a relationship no more sexual than the one you have with your sofa table.

Well said! That is what some of us need the most.
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Postby Schlodesss » Tue Jan 06, 2009 7:34 pm

THat's too funny, I haven't been to a gay bar in years but the very last time I went, derrek, a buddy of mine who is straight, came with me so i'd have some company. We get there and a group of Lesbians and this guy that was with them came over and pretty much asked us to get out because it wasn't our type of establishment. I had to explain to her that I was into dudes, but my buddy wasn't.. he was just moral support...


furface wrote:
I been out for 48 years and I can assure ya there ain't a ounce of effeminate behavior, innate or affectation, in me. Matter of fact on a number of 'caasions barkeeps has leaned close and whispered to me You know this is a gay bar? as if to let me know I done wandered into a place I didn't wanna be.
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Re: Why do gays feel compelled to lie...?

Postby variant » Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:39 pm

Desperate: as in
Desperately trying too hard to matter to anyone.
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Re: Why do gays feel compelled to lie...?

Postby ispeaktexan » Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:06 pm

I think being gay has nothing to do with how feminine, or masculine a person is and that all depends on the person themselves...
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Re: Why do gays feel compelled to lie...?

Postby J » Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:37 am

To put it simply, why does ANYONE lie about ANYTHING?

To cover their ass usually, whether justified or not...

On this subject, I don't blatantly lie about it as much as I avoid the subject or try to change it. So I guess I'm the type to lie by omission...
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