Do all gays lisp and have a feminine tone and lilt ...

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Do all gays lisp and have a feminine tone and lilt ...

Postby Desperate » Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:36 pm

... in their voice?

Do all gays lisp and have a feminine tone and lilt in their voice?

Yes, it is a fact that they do. Some of the so-called "masculine" gays are are just in denial, and are, in fact, hiding their true feminine personality. To be gay is to be feminine! A person exits right out of manhood as soon as "he" enters left into gayhood. Why aren't the "masculine" gays trying to achieve queen status? They'll be much more at ease and comfortable with themselves and with their fellow marys if they express themselves more flamboyantly. Aren't those gays who don't identify as queens digging themselves further back into the closet when they know that they are supposed to proudly be queens and act like queens since they are already queens? I mean, we already know that you're a gay. Act the part. (Do what is expected.) Be GAY! BE FEMININE!!! BE QUEEN!!! "Masculine" gays, if you don't how to behave feminine, look to your mother, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, nieces, and GIRL FRIENDS! Your girl friends are your fag hags. That's what they're there for, to help you become the woman you'll never be and don't physically want to become, since you are fell like a woman though your attraction to guys and gays. Learn from your girl friends. Behave like them. Become them. Be them. Let's face it, "masculine" gays. If you weren't interested in being more like a girl, you wouldn't be attracted to men, nuts, fruits, fairies, berries, and marys.

P.S. "Masculine" gays, make this mental note to yourselves: You can take the gay out of the girl, but you can't take the girl out of the gay.

P.P.S. Being a queen makes a gay appear more noticeable in life, bringing a little bit more importance and significance to the unnecessary little worthiness that you have in societal status and in your life. A gay is the QUEEN! The queens are THE GAYS!
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Postby edu999 » Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:45 pm

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Postby furface » Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:24 pm

:roll: :roll: :roll: :shock:
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Postby olywaguy » Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:26 pm

From your posting, Desperate, I will assume that since you are gay you must be feminine and have a gay lisp and that you are all girl.

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Postby dracuscalico » Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:51 pm

I think it is all just tongue in cheek.... 8)
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Postby Phoenix6570 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:10 am

You really don't know anything, so you shouldn't post as if you do.
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Postby PhillyAgenda » Sun Nov 30, 2008 1:14 am

This post is way too over the top to be serious. Or is it?
nuts, fruits, fairies, and berries.

I really did lol at that one.
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